Monday, September 10, 2012

Locked In...

Now, I've experienced both being locked out and also being locked in. If you've read before, I got locked out twice from my own house. The first time was, I happily clicked the wooden door and banged it shut, then when I wanted to lock the grille with the padlock, I realized... to my horror... my whole bunch of house key PLUS my car key were on the table... inside the house. I have my big sling bag with me and thank God for that, I have money. I took the public bus to hubby's workplace, told the bus driver that I wasn't going down, so hubby waited at the roadside and passed me the keys. I followed the Rapid bus all the way to the last depot, the Balik Pulau depot. Then, I took the next bus home. My 2 hours flew away just like that.

Then the second time was my hubby's set of keys and mine were on the table and again, we were rushing for time so we just shut the door. This time round, my eldest was with us so both of us started breaking into our own house. We broke into our own house in less than 10 minutes.
This happened a couple of weeks back. I was locked-in in my house. I left the keys in the car. I have my car keys with me :) There are many locks to the house and it's just impossible to break-in or break-out from this house. I called Gracie but she did not pick up. I didn't know who else to call to come and rescue me. I called my student's mom because I was suppose to be at the student's house at 9a.m. I called and called, surprisingly, when you needed help, no one seemed to pick up their phones. I sat at the small round cushion which I placed outside my house and started to think. There were a group of rowdy boys playing football at the football field. I was very tempted to holler to them to jump over the gate and grab me my house keys. I didn't scream for help. I just sat there weighing the pros and cons of doing so. If it was my neighbour then I wouldn't mind them jumping over the divider, but those rowdy boys... if I let them jump-in for the first time, they might do it often thinking that it's okay to do that. After waiting for 10 minutes or so, my student's mom called back. She came over to rescue me. 
She's in the compound in three steps. It's good that nothing has been done to the gate. If I have gates as high as my neighbours' I would be tempted to call the fire brigade to come and rescue me. There... there... spare keys... spare keys... I need them everywhere...

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