Sunday, September 09, 2012

Yummy Cuisine...

A couple of months back, on Gracie's burfday, Gracie and her friends, me included of course, were invited to Yummy Cuisine. It was my second visit there and the food was fabulous. I'm not overreacting. Getting an invitation to have lunch there doesn't mean I have to say that the food is DELICIOUS, SUPERB AND AWESOME. That's what most of the food bloggers do. They overpraise the place as if they have a share of the restaurant. I'm writing this because the food is really great, coming from a person who can cook, I'm saying it is worth going not once or twice, but it's a place that will make keep going back. That's the lady boss, May... did I get that correct?
Bamboo prawns
*lip smackingly good* That's because I love prawns *drooling all over* I can finish a kilo of prawns all on my own and assam prawn is the best. How to eat prawns the proper way:

  1. Pick a prawn of your choice.
  2. Such the gravy until covering the prawn.
  3. Don't suck the prawn head as it will contribute to the increment of your cholesterol level.
  4. Pin the prawn onto your plate with a fork.
  5. Use your spoon to remove the prawn shell by peeling it off from the legs.
  6. Start biting on the crunchy prawn.... you will never regret this...

Hot plate fish
 Tis' I also like. I like this kinda flavour. A little bit salty, a little bit spicy, a little bit sour-y and I love fishy fishy... 
Nyonya fish
 This I don't really like. I don't like doesn't mean it is not nice. This is more sour than the other fish...
Kuchai Pia...
 Deep fried batter with chives... don't know how to do this but it's crunchily savoury...
Lamju... it's pork... non-halal 
 Pork~! Nice... the whole table has a very good combination of dishes to go along with a plate of rice...
The signature tofu
Signature dish means it's a well-known dish from the house. You have to try it out yourself. 
The hardest part of writing as a food blogger will be the explanation of taste. I'm thinking through whether to write in great length or just to share the photos then you can use your imagination to the fullest about the taste of the dishes. Okay... I've think it through, you can read a little of the description about each dish below each photo. I'll do my best to describe but I've made my conclusion: They are good, two thumbs up. If a dish is not tasty, no matter how lengthy you write to try to sell it off, nobody will ever believe you again once they tasted the badness of a dish. 

I'm still NOT a food blogger but a good place deserves to be advertised to the world. Let it be known so that the business will continue to flourish so that when lazy me decides not to cook, I can go there for either my lunch or dinner. Please check out Gracie's post on this. Click this --> Yummy Cuisine by Gracie

Oh... oh... the most important piece of information... the ADDRESS~! I don't have it with me... you know how to get to Sungai Ara's KFC? You know what is KFC right? It's just behind KFC, or should I say the next road? Check out Gracie's post on this. That will give you more information.

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