Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ouch~! That's HOT~!

I'm not talking an actress with the sexiest body. I'm talking about the temperature being hot. Don't you think 50-degree Celsius is hot? Now, Penang is so hot you can have the air-conditioner switched on or the fan rotating at full speed, yet you still feel hot. 

I was looking through my photo albums in search of what next to upload. I found this one. Pinky's house has a manual heater where you have to turn the gas on, turn the heater on and set the temperature. I didn't know that I have been bathing in a 48-degree shower but it feels really really good in winter. That means I was already half-cooked when I was in China. 

Oh, how I miss those days in Shenzhen. It's quite a nice place where she stays but other part of the area would not be that nice anymore. Miss ya, Pinky~!

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