Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Can't Believe What I Just Did~!!!!!!

I did something scary. It wasn't as scary as when I started the water sports business. The water sports business gave me lots of headache. I started something called A Humble Beginning. That name just came popping in my head. Mi amigas and loyal guinea pigs have been asking me to sell everything that came out from my kitchen and I've brushed their comments aside. Then, I did wonder to myself, since they kept on saying it, why didn't God show me any sign to give me a bigger push. I need to be pushed hard to move. 

Then, one day something appeared on my Facebook wall. It was someone's album on baking. And they looked so simple that mine looked really complicated with decorations and stuff. I like beautiful things. Neat and beautiful. So, I was thinking to myself, if Lee could write a book, two books at that and that lady in my Facebook could sell the simple-looking cakes without any decorations on them, why couldn't I sell anything. 

The person who inspires me most in baking is none other Bunga Emas. That's her Facebook name. She has been asking me to start baking since two years ago. She will always give me the cakes that she tried doing and she's a fantastic baker. Couldn't I be like her as well? No harm in trying.

You know when I made those burgers, it was something non-existent that I always think of doing. There are so many types of burgers on sale now but I won't launch my Ju's burgers yet. Not going to use the name McJu just in case McD decides to slap me with a fine like what happened to McCurry.

What am I doing? Geez... I don't really know what I'm doing. I just started clicking here and there... Just click on this --> A Humble Beginning. I'm not really sure about what I'm doing now but do Like the page and follow on. It's a humble step at a time. I'm not rushing anywhere so I'm not going to rush into doing anything big. I have no problem in teaching as I've been doing that for 8 long years coming to 9 so... this is completely an alien platform to me.

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