Friday, September 14, 2012

Grocery Re-education...

Please do not think much about the title of this post. I just feel like writing but I don't have any title that I can find suitable for any posts. That was my long-awaited post of the continuation of my travels in Shenzhen. Whenever Pinky and I walked from the MTR station, we would have to pass by Walmart to get home. I was thrilled to see Walmart and I couldn't wait to get there but since Pinky said it's so near to home, it would be last on the list of places to visit. So, I walked past Walmart a few times a day but we just didn't have the time to go there. That Saturday after breakfast, we had a few minutes to spare before our next destination. It was drizzling but we managed to run across the park to Walmart from the dim sum restaurant. 
Hhmmm... cultural shock? Nah... more like hypermarket shock. Walmart has items lined along the travelator.  Aren't they afraid of grocery thefts? I've never seen this kinda arrangement before back at home. I do my grocery shopping every week in Tesco. There's no Walmart in Malaysia. 
Oh, deep sea fishing? You have to catch your own shrimps and also fish. Grandma said that if the fish and prawns aren't swimming, then they are not worth buying. Grandma buys everything fresh from the market. I can't imagine myself catching at and counting the prawns like what I'm doing back here. I count the number of prawns so that  I don't overbuy and no one overeats in the house. 
There were lots and lots of food at Walmart. You look at the entrance of Walmart, it was so small but once you walk into it, it's endless and yet Pinky told me it was one of the smallest Walmart. It's bigger than our main Tesco over here. They sell weird kinda food... it's weird because it smelt weird, something that I couldn't recognize and I dare not even try any of the food because I believe that if it smells weird, then it will not be nice. My taste buds depend strongly on my sense of smell.
What's that? Cooking oil for the price of 73 yuan. I did a really fast mental calculation and converted the price to Malaysian Ringgit. It's freaking expensive. RM36.50 for cooking oil? Oh, Lord... thank you that I'm staying in Malaysia... I will never be able to afford such expensive cooking oil. I will want to eat everything steam since it's so expensive. Or maybe I cook chicken then wait until the fats start to leak out and then I will keep some for frying eggs and vegetables. 
You gotta be kidding me. 38.80 yuan for 12 eggs. Is this some kind of a joke? It's only RM9 (18 yuan)  for a tray of 30 grade A eggs and that's not even grade A eggs. Pinky told me that most people will opt to buy smaller grade eggs. Extra large eggs are not the choice of many. Weird right? Looks like cost of living in China is very high... way too high...
Chuka Idako~!! Pinky and I love this to the max~!! And it's cheap... so we bought that home... you just gotta love the baby octopus...

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