Saturday, September 15, 2012

Juju's Burfday~!!

 It's Juju's burfday so what do you think we did for her? There wasn't any plan at all. I was very busy with the chocolate cheese cake and there was a huge problem with the cake due to my lack of experience in handling cheesecake. The cake was delicious beyond words but I do admit that it's the ugliest cake that I've ever seen or made. Judz has a surprise in store for Juju... Ta da~!
 We got her the inner wears which prove very useful... why... don't you agree with me? Don't we all need inner wears? So is there anything wrong with the gift? Well, she's definitely not accepting the gift. She returned us the gift... how honest that lady is... she's honest that she doesn't want that kinda gift as her birthday pressie. 
The tradition of blind-folding. Well, who started that kinda tradition? It must be Judz who set this trend :D ... I got blind-folded on the way to the nasty La France... was that the name of the restaurant with the rude owner? HHmmm... hhmm.... Judz is the only person who didn't get herself blind-folded on her birthday... come to think about it... hhmmm... hhmmm... she will DEFINITELY be blind-folded next year. Look how stunningly beautiful Juju was on that day. She was clothed in much splendour like a Sarawakian. We didn't plan it that way. Judz brought everything and they started dressing her up.
We led her to the garden to have the feel of the wilderness. It must be of Sarawak's natural environment. There's another bigger surprise in store for her. This time round it wasn't from any of us. The surprise came all the way from Kuching so it was just a coincidence that we dressed her that way. 
Well... well wasn't that a surprise. She was wondering what bundle was she carrying. It was a very nicely done bouquet of six roses with two Russ bears to resemble Jack Jack and Billy.
We had a great time taking photos at my garden. That palm behind makes the place good enough for snapping photos. There wasn't much standing space in my garden because of the vegetable plots but we did fine. 
We're good in using our free time. We were snapping photos using different functions. It's nice snapping photos because I love photography.
Lunch treat was in Tao, E-gate. We were there from 12 noon till 3:30p.m. the last order was at 3 p.m. Truth be told, out of so many types of food, I only like the abalone strips which I regretted for not calling for more. And we love the tender juicy lamb. We ordered again and again. It must be scary looking at the way we ate. The place wasn't worth going for the second time. The chuka idako tasted so bad we thought the octopus were having a high fever. The sashimi wasn't fresh enough. Happy birthday girl~! We know you truly enjoyed yourself... and it wasn't even your real day yet~! This was just the opening to Juju's burfday. We were given the honour to do the closing ceremony as well.... stay tune for more... for now, good nite~!!!!

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