Monday, September 24, 2012

New Shekou: Sea World...

Good things will always be kept in mind. I still remember the day we came back from Beijing, Pinky's dad came back for the weekend from his work in another state. We've visited him in the work place before. The next morning, Pinky's dad drove us to a new place. 
We were on our way to Shekou and I was like jumping up and down in glee. No need to walk like 10 miles a day, no need to squeeze with other passengers in the subway, no need to walk and walk and walk. I drive wherever I go back at home. But then the traffic in China was horrible. I wouldn't know how to drive there and I sure did not enjoy the congested traffic. I would rather walk and I heard the petrol was and is expensive. For a middle income earner, you might be able to buy a car but you might not be able to feed the car.
Shekou Sea World is not even a tinge bit like Bai Shi Zhou. They were two worlds apart. Shekou is more of a Westerner's hang out place with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and lots of imported outlets where people just sit there and waste their time away make full use of their leisure time associating with others. Did you see the ship as the background? It's a seafood restaurant. Heard that it was pricey with lousy food that would not be up to my standard.
Even the construction of buildings adopted the English designs. The place doesn't look 'Chinese'. Don't ask me how I define a place as a 'Chinese' place. It just feels that way. It has the atmosphere of the Western feel.  It's a high end place, more like walking around Gurney Drive with all the expensive restaurants. It's so expensive that after I did a fast conversion on the rates, I would rather spend it when I go home. 
I was attracted with one of the advertisements pasted along the wall. McCawley's Burger Challenge. If you could gulp down the whole burger which was obviously impossible to swallow in one bite, and you finished it in less than 15 minutes, the burger would be on the house. If you lose the feat, then you would be 150yuan poorer. 150yuan (RM75) for such normal beef burger? That's cut-throat expensive.
Anyway, Pinky and I had a great time walking around as we were more exposed to Western culture and we like the clean place, without spittle on the ground. The crowd would only fill up the place at night, when all those whole love to have a good drink at the Bierhaus, would patronize the place. The parking fee was damn expensive so we quickly drove off to another place. Pinky's dad was very eager to show me that place and I was very eager to see what the Old Shekou has in store for me. This new place was the New Shekou.

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