Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I'm Doing Now...

Yeah... right now. Hardly do I share what I'm doing right at the moment. I'm currently typing here, under a spinning fan with my MP3 singing from the album Cornerstone and my Facebook chat is blinking coz I'm chatting with Veryniceperson. My lappie is moving at the speeed of a tortoise. I can mop the whole house while waiting for my lappie to come to life. I better not multitask or the whole system will go haywire. 

I'm wondering how come my cute Mickey t-shirt is stained. From the cake or from marinating Inche Kabin, the Nyonya fried chicken
Made this for lunch just now. I wanted to do it yesterday nite but I was kinda tired so I made this just now after our breakfast together. It's Thursday... and it's a marble cake... perfected with no earthquake cracks. We finish the whole cake. I thought Judz, Gracie and Mandy were on strict diets...  how can any of you resist the wonders of my hands? Muahahaha *cynical laughter*

Class starting at 6:30pm... hhmmm... Science... *bah* Hey, I saw something on my Facebook wall that's worth sharing. 
 The new house needs no heater so this is what I do EVERY morning... without fail¬! Whoever drew this is a genius. I do kangaroo jump in the shower as well... hehehehe.... I can't wait for dinner although I'm not hungry. I have really meatball soup on the stove. Nyum nyum... Love the kitchen... Ooops I'm suppose to go check out the best butter cake recipe but looks like I'll only do it tonite... toodles¬!

Hey, if you're not interested with what I'm doing right now, then don't bother la... I'm just having fun right now... me time... I wanted to watch a movie but with only 30 minutes to spare it won't be enjoyable. I wanted to go jogging but I'm too lazy to take another bath. 

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