Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#3 Snorkel: Coral Bay...

Coral Bay...
Whee~! Where are we now? Coral Bay... We've passed by this place when we were on the way to our Coral View Island Resort. So what's down there? Anything special?
The wave...
Excuse me. Let me go down first. I was kinda desperate already. If I still don't see any colour on the corals, I'm gonna take the speedboat all the way back to Penang Island and park the boat at Straits Quay... *hmph*... Ugh... the wave... that's pretty choppy... Let's see what's down there...
This colour also?
This can't be it? Same fish... same colour of corals... Fishy... have you been following us all over? I no like you already... same old black and white stripe or yellow stripes. Swim away~!
Swim away~!
Swim along the coast. There must be something really good waiting for us. God... I wanna see coloured corals... please please... It's a real far journey not to go to waste... When one is desperate, one will never feel tired. And then God also never cheat any of His children in anything, be it big or small. You might think that I'm crazy to go all the way to the East Coast just because I fall in love with snorkeling. But if you know me well, when I want to do something, I really wanna do it, come what may. 
I would have shed tears in the sea. It's purple in colour. I like it very much... and I marveled at God's creation. It's so perfect. It's so beautiful even when I don't know the actual name to it. Did God really drop such difficult names into the heads of the marine biologists when they started naming all the aquatic organisms that they see?
They're RED~!
Ohhh... ohh.... that's really really wonderful.... red... all shades of red... My Lord, the awesome creator has a really big playground down here for the fish. I have no more words to describe how beautiful they are. It has really make my day. We swam quite far away along the coast. 
Small fishy...
Can you see that small fish with neon blue on its body. I think they sell it in the aquarium. I've seen that before. I don't need an aquarium in the house, I'm very happy looking at this huge aquarium with no boundaries. Seeing the fish swimming happily and dashing about among the corals, it makes keeping a fish in an aquarium a cruel act as the fish will not have enough space to move about.
What's that?
I've definitely seen that thing before.... but I have no idea what that is. My knowledge of the underwater creatures is zero. I don't know from where I can study. I want to look for the names of the fish that I've captured but I don't even know what to type for the search entry. So, for now let's hope that someone will give me a huge book filled with pictures, names, descriptions and details for all the sea creatures in the world. You know what to get me for Christmas... hehhehehe

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