Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#4 Snorkel: A 'Horn' Shell and Nicer Corals...

Where are we going next? Going back to the chalet? I wouldn't mind because I've been satisfied with the red and purple corals. But I can never have enough of snorkeling. Let's go to the next location... it's just in one of the corners of Perhentian Besar... I think it should be as I hardly have any memory of such a place in my head. I just know that there's a nice big shell there.
Not much to see...
Let me go down first. Now, I'm going to be the first to go down instead of sitting there and playing the game 'You go first, I follow'. I shall take the lead. Okay... there's nothing here. It's way too deep to sea. Hmph... should we venture further?
About to run out of 'battery'... no more energy...
In a totally different world...
Let's go... oohhh... the corals are so different. A totally different world compared to the previous in Coral Bay no doubt the one in Coral Bay was more beautiful. It's like going to a different city like Coral Bay can be equated as going to Tanjung Bungah while the place here can be equated as Sungai Batu. You get what I mean? Oh, well just Google for Tanjung Bungah and Sungai Batu. They are two worlds apart with different lifestyle and everything.
Hey~! Don't step on the corals... or was that just a rock?
You again~!!!
I really enjoy paddling my feet on the water looking around but the neck was about to give way. And my index finger was going numb clicking on the camera and it was quite difficult to swim holding on to the camera. Thank God it was tied to the wrist and the whole casing can actually float on the surface of the water itself. Less fish here but was greeted by the black and yellow stripes.
Blow your horn~!!!
It's very very much alive with tenant staying inside. I was trying to get my cousy who was laughing so hard to snap a proper photo. It was so difficult so this was the best the rest of the photos appeared to be in complete blurness.
Did somebody leave their brain under the sea? Please claim your big fat brain...
I have had a great time snorkeling in four different locations in 4 hours? I have had no sense of time as it was a leisure activity and none of us was wearing watches. Not bothered with time on a holiday.
I'm happy :D

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