Monday, June 10, 2013

Half Year Stock Take of Year 2013

Time really flies. It's already moving towards the middle of June. What have I been doing in my life right until now? A little sneak preview into my life.
I was expecting a really great year. I'm always looking forward to a new year. I continued with my piano lessons. Where has that came from? Sorry, not gonna share the details but I ended up getting thrown out of the window by the teacher. The teacher quit on me before I give up on myself. Then hubby wants me to finish up until Grade 8 but right at this very moment, I don't want it at all. So, that wasn't such a great beginning to my wonderful year.

But I found something new. Found snorkeling. And I started to enjoy island hopping. I used to think that people who did island hopping was out of their mind. What was so fascinating about island hopping when it cost so much and there's nothing to see except for sandy beaches and more sandy beaches. Doesn't make sense until I did it with my super nuts friends.

Passion. When you're passionate about something, you'll give your whole heart to do it. Hubby realizes that I have no passion for anything except to worship God. If there's a 24 hours praise & worship session, I can go for that. Other than that I have none. If I said I have passion for writing, I have to admit that at times there's nothing to write about and when there's something to write about, there's no time to do it. Then people says that if you have the passion to do something, you'll find time to do it. But if I find the time to do it, it means I have to sacrifice my sleeping time. So, I have no passion for writing.

Passion for piano. That's the last thing that I have. I only practice because I need to... other than that, I'll just sight-read all the way through. If I have no liking for the first few bars of a particular piece, then my eyes will refuse to cooperate with the fingers. Simply put... I dislike classical music. I love Christian contemporary music.

Passion for photography? No... I'm just trigger happy. I capture what I feel is beautiful and I love colours. If you want me to carry a DSLR wherever I go, then I would rather carry a bag filled with rocks and train myself for mountain climbing. Photo editing? Oh, please... that's a real torture having to sit down and make changes to a photo. So, I have no passion for photography... I'm just trigger happy~!

Passion for morning walks... hey, we used to go for morning walks every week but looks like we have morphed into swimmers. Swimming is definitely the most enjoyable activity for now. Shopping? Nah... I don't really like to shop unless I find the need to splurge on something. 

Passion for Facebook... for now, yes... I left my Facebook unattended awhile back but now I'm back being active. Passion for sports... extreme sports... I don't know... I used to like ice-skating and in-line skating... then I went jet-skiing and parasailing... then I went hiking... I did quite a number of stuff but I have no passion for them. I got bored doing the same thing... and I get bored easily. With a snap of your finger, I can tell you that I don't like it anymore.

I'm cooking because I need to... and I bake because of others. I do quite a number of stuff for others and I'm happy with it.
All in all, I did a lot of things within 6 months yet I have no passion for anything. I like snorkeling for now... and will go for diving next year. 

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