Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Morning on South China Sea...

I woke up with a jolt. Our boat was rocking rather badly. The thunder was roaring in the sky and lightning seemed to brighten the sky every few minutes. We huddled closer to each other, praying hard that the our boat would not sink, neither would it hit any rocks. A comic book once wrote that when lightning strikes, one should look into the lightning and give a big smile as God is using His big camera with a huge flash to snap our photos. That was a bit crazy because we were thinking about ourselves getting charred from the lightning-strike. As if the demons down under the sea were hoping that we would sink, suddenly the lightning struck our luxury boat and split the boat into two. And we went down into the sea, with our arms clung together like an octopus. 
Our food supply
Where does that music come from? Are we dead? On the way to heaven? Oh, wait... my alarm clock. Can't smash that alarm clock... it's my smartphone. Time to get up. Breakfast... on our own expense. We brought food along. We have cup noodles that could last us for the entire year trip. 
Good morning from the South China Sea
Hot water... where to get hot water? There's no electric jug to boil water... oh, shucks... I have to run down to the kitchen at the lounge area to get water. Okay, I can do that. No big deal... but the walk up was horrible. I spilled some boiling hot water on my hand because I was walking too fast. So I slowed down but the arms ached like I had a 3kg dumb bell tied to my arms. Our chalet was so far up, far from people walking up and down, that's the goodness, but it's way too far. One small jug wasn't enough, need another one to make Milo. Okay, go get some more... and thanks to my couzy who prepared the breakfast. 
The breakfast prepare r
The other two were waiting to be served. Yes, that's the way it should be... people who served and people waiting to be served. That made our group very well balanced. You can't have everyone serving nobody at the same time. And you can't have all of us waiting to be served when there's no one there to serve us.
Who else?
I'm a very simple person. It's a holiday... I can survive without food breakfast. We've changed into our attire, waiting to conquer the sea. Sounds like we're pirates...

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