Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 21: Our Korean Dinner...

~ 3rd April 2014 ~
On our way home, we would passed by a row of restaurants. Pinky decided to have Korean dinner. We have never been to the restaurant, it looked new because during our previous trip, the restaurant ceased to exist. Thus, we decided to give it a try.
Pinky loves Korean cuisine. She loves kimchi and hotpot. She even cooks Korean rice back home in Melbourne. I eat high grade basmati rice imported from Pakistan. I only like the barbecued pork and chicken. If we go to South Korea together for our future holiday trip, I will have all the barbecue meat while she can have all the kimchi and vegetables. Nothing will go to waste. 
The restaurant is still around when we went back to China early this year for Chinese New Year celebration but I can't do justice to the restaurant. I can't even read the name of the restaurant. 

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