Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 23: Dinner at Home in Hong Kong...

~5th April 2014~
After getting down from the Peak, we had to take an MTR back to first aunt's house. As she worked at a restaurant, she took home leftovers for us. We never mind leftovers because it was not like the patrons from the restaurant couldn't finish what's on their platter and first aunt took them home. It was from the kitchen and the restaurant could not finish selling them. You wouldn't want to waste food right? Do you know it's very expensive to have roasted goose in Hong Kong? Everything in Hong Kong is expensive, for goodness' sake~! 
We had our chuka idako, the red octopus which both Pinky and I love. We really like Japanese food and we love seafood in particular.We microwaved one of the fat ass crab and we started enjoying our midnight meal. We finished and cleared up at 1:30a.m.
The living area has been transformed into our bedroom. We prefer first aunt's tiny apartment compared to the previous three-roomed apartment. If I have to live there for good, I will be a minimalist.

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