Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 23: The Peak Tram...

~5th April 2014~
We were going to take a tram ride but upon arrival at the tram station we almost freaked out. The number of humans were too many, it looked like a few trains have just released the passengers. We wanted to come another day but then we were discussing on what days there would be less people in Hong Kong? We couldn't come out with a better solution thus, we braced ourselves to stand among the crowd and add on to the number of patrons waiting patiently to take the tram ride.
No one jumped queue. We were all decent humans and abide by the unwritten social law that says no one should jump queue or risk being bashed up by others. There were so many people that you might think iPhone was releasing another new model. If iPhone really released whichever and whatever model, you will never see me in the queue. We were slowly inching towards the tram but we could not see the tram from afar.
Those were really interesting tourists who just smiled at the camera. Five or six of them crammed into one taxi to save cost and travel together. It wouldn't be fun to travel in two separate vehicles. Some how or other the fun was no longer there once separated from each other.

When the tram was in sight, I was looking at it with such dismay. What on earth were we here for? That's the same old tram that we have going up Penang Hill. We queued for more than 1.5 hours just for this? Oh, boy! There was nothing special with the tram ride just that you will discover different views up there because it's Hong Kong, not Penang island. I would rather ride our Penang Hill electronic tram anytime compared to this old tram. Why were they similar? Mi madre said it's because of the British who brought them in. Must be from the same engineer or same company, whichever... whatever.
The tram was really old. But like any ol' faithful, it brought us up to have fun. The queue to get down was a thousand times worse than the queue to go up. We had to queue in the cold breezy night and it was more than 1.5 hours. We just stood there and I didn't take any photos of the snaking queue because I was too cold to get my freezing hands out of my jeans' pockets.
So, was the Peak Tram worth it? My answer would be no... it was a waste of time. Penang~!! Buck up~!! Make Penang Hill the number one must visit place, you can do it~! We have better tram system and we can create such snaking queue~!!

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