Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 21: Splendid China Folk Village...

~ 3rd April 2014 ~
It was drizzling on and off when we decided to go to Splendid China Folk Village. It was my second time there but I could not remember which photos I have taken and which I have not. I took more photos the first time I was there and it was more crowded. This was mi madre's maiden trip to China but we had a good time there. 
I put the tripod to good use and we had fun taking photos together. The decoration was of spring theme and previously I went during winter. 
I was upset that due to the drizzle, the cultural performance was cancelled. It was replaced with kung fu performance which I was the least excited about. The cultural performance at Splendid China Folk Village was top notch. After watching the performance, you do not have to spend money to watch other cultural performances.
If you happen to be in Shenzhen, you should go. Everything famous in China was built at a smaller scale in the place. You should really spend the whole day there if you have not been to this place and you feel that you will never have the chance to visit the whole of China.

PS. Bring your own food supply as the food served at the place was horrible. Or you can fast while visiting the place but the place was really big and you might not be able to finish the entire place if you're a slow poke like us.

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