Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 23: Second Attempt to Discover Hong Kong...

~ 5th April 2014~
We had a hearty lunch at home because Pinky's mom was afraid that we would go hungry in Hong Kong. We would be on our own just like sending the three musketeers to run errands without the proper gear. All three of us carried none-working phones. Pinky's mom told us how to get to first aunt's house in Hong Kong. Pinky, being her usual self just nodded and said she could find the way. I was the more careful one. I needed everything to be written in black and white. Your brain will really mess with you when you really depend on it 200%
We walked out of the MTR station feeling great. Without a proper map or any working electronic devices to navigate us, we followed the map I scribbled down on the back of a calendar. Oh, boy... Pinky's mom left out the first turning and we went the wrong way. The road was so deserted it didn't feel like we were in Hong Kong at all except that the blocks and blocks of flats did confirm that we were IN Hong Kong.
We were adamant not to get lost because we did not have the address to first aunt's house at all. We only have the turn left, turn right, turn left, up the pedestrian bridge and down the pedestrian bridge, first uncle will be waiting at the corner of the road. We tracked back to the MTR station and we walked the other way. It felt correct and we felt good when we came to the pedestrian bridge.
Hey, you can actually hang your clothes by the roadside? Cool, eh... 
We were extremely happy to see first uncle waiting for us at the corner of a junction and then he quickly took us to his flat and then he has to leave us for dinner. We were on our own again and the blind led the blind. We walked into this huge high-end shopping called Queensway Plaza and we stepped out into Hong Kong Park.
It was a beautiful park but with not many plants. It has more concrete than real green plants. We came across a restaurant and we thought we wanted to get a bite of something until we studied the menu outside the entrance then we told our stomach that we were not hungry. My brain has the habit of doing conversion whenever I forget to remind the brain that conversion is not necessary.
There were so many tall buildings but compared to China's buildings, maybe buildings in Hong Kong are midget size. Humans are ant size and ants are not to be found, they are too minute they become insignificant. The ants have no money to pay for the high rental.

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