Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 24: That One Day in Hong Kong...

~ 6th April 2014~
Pinky's mom arrived from Shenzhen but we were still rolling around on our comfortable make-shift beds across the living hall. Then, we decided to get up as we needed to go for dim sum. We walked and walked and I have no idea where we were. My built-in GPS was not in service. I totally have no written plans for Hong Kong except for visiting the Disneyland which I did on the third day upon arrival. 
After we were done with breakfast, we went to a shop selling biscuits. Grandpa liked the Garden brand biscuits that came in the red tin. We got ourselves some chocolate sticks which Pinky's mom ended up having all to herself while watching the idiot box when we got back to Shenzhen. 
We walked and walked, I think we ended up at the harbour to take the First Ferry to Hong Kong Island. It was a long weekend due to All Souls' Day. It was a Friday because it's only on Friday that there will be Friday prayers in the afternoon. That's one huge mosque but I thought only the men will go for Friday prayers? That mosque was attended by women only. *I'm very confuse*
We continued walking. The more we walked, the more we dislike Hong Kong. We developed a phobia from crowd when we were in Taiwan. Now that we were walking and we only see humans and more humans, I literally gave up on walking. We found a place to have some toast and then we walked back to the harbour and we literally ran to chase after the ferry. We couldn't wait another minute to go home.
The peanut butter toasts were so expensive. I can buy a few loaves of bread back at home. We didn't do any shopping and I felt like these life-sized figures... completely knackered.

Then, we went to a pharmacy because grandpa needed his medication. That medicine was Made in Malaysia. What's that? Malaysia got sell?
You see my purple luggage? Fancy abandoning the luggage for more than 3 weeks and claiming it back on the 24th day. It made me think, why need such a huge luggage? Next time if  I have anything I want to give them in China, I will just courier it and I will want to travel as light as possible. We were suppose to stay in Hong Kong for another day but because I was so frustrated with the crowd, I told Pinky's mother that I wanted to go back to Shenzhen. 
When she said okay, I became energetic and walked faster to reach home. First aunt must have thought we were crazy people. A few days ago we were so delighted to go to Hong Kong and suddenly we didn't even wait for her to come back from work and we made ourselves disappear from her house. We cleaned up the place so that it would look like no one has ever visited the place.
We had our long-legged crab thawed and steamed before we started our journey home. It will just take minutes to be cleared at the immigration checkpoint in Luohu. To our dismay, the crowd was so large that we had no idea where the main entrance was. The few minutes check became a three-hour shoulder-to-shoulder crawl. We just moved a few centimetres every 5 minutes. It was insane, We wanted to faint but we cannot faint there, because it's at the Hong Kong side, if we were rescued, we would be pushed further into Hong Kong. I will choose to faint at the Shenzhen side.
Ended up, we reached home was past midnight. In conclusion, this year, none of us wanted to go to Hong Kong. Yeah, we don't like Hong Kong and I will never forget how one of the immigration officers treated Pinky when we entered the previous day. The male officer stood up from his cubicle and asked Pinky in a loud voice whether she's pregnant or not as she was wearing a simple dress. I would be embarrassed being questioned in such a rude and loud way. I know the Chinese from mainland would find ways to enter Hong Kong to give birth but hhhheeeellllllloooooooo... if Pinky wants to give birth, she doesn't need Hong Kong, she can just have her baby in Australia as she lives there~! Can't the officer ask nicely? Pinky was so skinny and I can vouch for her that if she was really pregnant, she was pregnant with lots of shit from all the dim sum that we've had every single morning.

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