Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 25: Season at OCT - Coconut Chicken...

~7th April 2014~
It's another day which we lazed away and we had dinner invitation with Pinky's mom's ex-colleagues. All teachers from the middle school. We had to walk to the end of the road. There's a building which housed retail shops, a supermarket and many restaurants. The three of us had no idea where we were going.
The restaurant was at the top most floor. The name of the restaurant is Season's and I think it's still surviving but I'm not quite sure. The restaurant was filled to its brim so we had to sit while waiting for people to dine and be done with their dinner. We went to the open area but that was also full so went back inside to wait.
While waiting, we can use the computers to go online. Sadly, Facebook and anything powered by Google were not working and everything's in Chinese so the two computers were useless to me. Actually those computers were for children to play games while waiting for their parents to finish eating and chit chatting.
Finally, we got our seats. The main dish was claypot coconut chicken. Instead of chicken stock as the soup base, they used pandan coconut but you shouldn't ask for a refill because they will only give you plain water as refill. The chicken meat wasn't marinated. Just push the whole thing in and wait for it to boil. I have tried it back at home here in Penang and it's really very good because we have such wonderful coconuts. You can try that during Chinese New Year for steamboat but let me remind you that you will need to buy lots of coconuts. I bought at least 8 but I was hosting dinner and I invited the coconut uncle to my house and coconut uncle was so wonderful, he brought many more extra coconuts. God knows I needed coconuts more than anything at that point of time.
That restaurant even used the sand timer so that the chicken would not be overcooked. We ordered a large claypot of chicken rice as well because that one small spring chicken, I could eat two of that on my own. The dessert was that best but I can't remember what was it actually. That was two year's ago, I don't even remember what I ate two days ago. That's all for the day. I spent the whole day eating and catching up with the Chinese series where communists and the Japanese were at each others' neck.

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