Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 22: Windows of the World...

~ 4th April 2014~
We would passed by Windows of the World whenever we went out. Finally, I decided to go with mi madre since there was no more rain. We didn't want to waste money on food so we bought a few buns as our lunch. We spent the rest of the time taking photos and walking around. We finished the entire area because being the frugal one, we didn't want to waste our ticket money. Whichever theme park we went to, at the end of the day, the site map would be ruined in our hands with a lot of 'X' to mark the places that we have seen.
This is one place that you should go once in your lifetime. It's a work of craft that you should appreciate. It took years to build up this place and they did a really good job maintaining the place. If it's in Malaysia, I think the maintenance work will end up in the hands of the foreign workers where they don't even know what they're suppose to do other than to sweep away the dried leaves.
On the other hands, there are just too many graven images all over the place. You might feel that you have stumbled upon the world's temples. Thus, you should just only go once that's why Pinky and her mom never want to make a second visit to this place. 
I wanted to try on a camel ride. Then, the camel looked at me this way and I felt sorry for the camel. I might be the last human that break its back if I ever sit on it. Love you, camel... You're really skinny. Do they even feed you? Are you hungry or thirsty?
There are replicas of famous sites all over the world except for Malaysia. Can't you just build the Petronas Twin Towers there as one of the buildings? We walked from morning until night and we really enjoyed the performance. It's something totally different from what Splendid China has to offer. If you don't want to walk around the 119 acres of land, you can just catch the night show. They do sell tickets for the night performance only. 

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