Monday, June 20, 2016

More from Taobao...

We bought a few more items from Taobao. Pinky bought a lot of items from Taobao ranging from shoes to her sapolanchang.*kitchen utensils* We remember seeing the Jump From Paper bags at Taoyuan airport and we kinda liked that sort of bags. The price was murderous so we resorted to get them from Taobao where everything is cheap,cheap, cheap~!
Our Jump From Paper bags arrived but I never get the chance to use it. I have no idea where and when I can use it. When I reached home and I have a class, one my students who was also my Chinese translator, wanted the bag so much. I gave it to her straight. No regrets la.... I'm not a 'bag' person. Pinky bought two but she never used them.
When it comes to online shopping, you will tend to buy many things which you don't need at all. 

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