Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 23 : Victoria Peak - Hong Kong...

~ 5th April 2014~
When we were done with Madame Tussauds wax museum, we stepped into the open air to have a breather. It was rather windy and our main purpose was to look at the view from the peak of the hill. There was only one spot to take in the view of skyscrapers, the skyline of Hong Kong. I wonder how much the city pay for the electric bill? There was nowhere else to stand except for that one particular spot with the best view. At that point of time, being a tourist, it looked really beautiful. Then now that I'm back at home, all the photos looked exactly the same. The only difference was the change of colour of the lighting in one of the buildings or the photo was blurred due to the strong wind blowing or maybe the hand was accidentally pushed by others. 
We walked around and on the other side, there was no view of whatsoever because it has been blocked by the hill in pitch darkness. Then, we went back to the tight spot, squeezing with other tourists. Surely, there's other place to view the scenery. I like night scenery the best because of the lighting. 
Yeah, so that's the highlight of our Hong Kong trip... will share with you the entire Hong Kong trip experience soon.

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