Sunday, January 08, 2017

Oz Day 2: Childers Cove, the Sandy Cove...

~7th November 2015~
I started driving again, leaving the Bay of Islands and moving towards Childers Cove. That was when the iPad map failed us completely. It was recalculating and re-navigating and I ended up stopping in the middle of the road because the compass was just turning and turning, couldn't make up its mind which direction to point to.
I pulled to a complete stop and I thanked God that we were in some secluded area. I will not ask for directions from any human unless I'm sure I'm completely lost. But I have prepared myself well for such situation as you cannot trust electronic gadgets completely. I have written down the routes in minute details such as which exit, junction and turning to take in my book. Yes, I have a book with complete route written in point form. If I have the patience, I would have drafted out the whole darn map into my book.
I drove directly onto this small road and was glad to see another car there. A man was walking up from the sandy beach and he said we should go down to have a wonderful time there. He left and there was not another soul in sight anymore. We like it this way. No crowd at all. We have the whole place to ourselves and we went a tad too crazy. The guy was kind enough to tell us which route to take when a fork road appear during our short bush walk. 
We were able to touch the rocks and soaked in everything in sight. It was so beautiful. It actually made the 12 Apostles loses its charm. I was glad we were here as no tour bus would take us here, I suppose.
My camera worked very well with me. We started imagining that we were in America and we were doing some rock climbing when all the time we were just by the beach, fooling around. I could say that it was the most amazing part of our three weeks and I have no regrets sacrificing my sleep to be on this road trip. Totally no regrets having to drive on my own during my holidays. Previously, I refused to drive during any of my holidays as being on the road was not a relaxing holiday according to my understanding. Having to fight the traffic was even worse.

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