Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oz Day 2: The Hub, Port Fairy...

~7th November 2015~
There were two rows of shoplots at the little town of Port Fairy. We were looking for food but because we were there quite late, after the serving time for lunch and still a couple of hours away from dinner, there was no proper food for us. Hungry people are angry people. We were about to snap at each other because we couldn't find anywhere suitable. There were coffee houses which we were not interested in.
Then, we stopped at The Hub, still serving food piping hot from the kitchen. The food was really good, I was hungry, I could eat a cow raw. The travel buddy got her rice. Without rice, her life would not be complete. She lives for rice. Mi madre got herself grilled salmon and I, of course, got the biggest platter of seafood, everything deep-fried. I think that's the only way the Australians know how to prepare their seafood.
I was connected to the free wi-fi for a few minutes. Managed to Google for the place we were searching for before I got completely disconnected. The guy, who looked like The Hub's owner, was really helpful. He came with a simple map and let us know how to get to the colourful house by the riverbank.
It was not there actually, the colourful house but nevertheless, it was an enjoyable evening walk by the river port. It's worth going since we don't see this back at home. 

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