Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oz Day 3: Simon's Waterfront, Warrnambool...

~8th November 2015~
The information counter was at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum so we asked for the best place in Warrnambool to have lunch. The lady at the counter suggested Simon's Waterfront. We have no care about pricing, we just wanted something good. We seemed to be skipping meals again, this is something that we should rectify. We have been skipping meals in all our holidays.
We wanted heavy lunch. So, to Simon's Waterfront we went. The place was really comfortable and the staff was friendly. If I ever step foot in Warrnambool, I will be dining at Simon's Waterfront everyday if time permit. 
I had the best Angus prepared medium-rare. I was one happy person *shedding tears of joy*. Even the fries was a gadzillion times better than that of McD's. I could just eat those fries and be happy throughout the day. 
The weather was great and there were so many people at the beach. I still don't like stepping on sand.

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