Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oz Day 3: Von Geurard Lookout...

~8th November 2015~
This was a rather interesting stop. I was just driving back, heading towards Melbourne when we saw this stop. Pinky said we should just stop and take a look. I stopped by the road side and then we crossed the road and the view was just simply breathtaking.
So, who was this Von Geurard? This scenic lookout place failed to make it on Google map. It was never in our list of places to go to. Just spent a few minutes and and enjoy the view. For such a view like this, you will life up your hands high up to heaven and praise the Lord for being such a creative artist. Google up Von Geurard and you would be able to read a little about the artist himself.
After spending enough time gasping at the beautiful place, we crossed over to the car but I ventured off track a bit and spent some time admiring the green of the field. The sheep were resting after grazing at the fresh grass. 

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