Thursday, January 12, 2017

Oz Day 2: Pickering Trail and Thunder Point...

~7th November 2015~
I have no regrets making the decision to visit Warrnambool. In fact, it was the highlight of our entire trip no doubt it was just our second day, could consider as the first day in Australia as the previous day was spent in airports.
After coming back from Port Fairy, we decided not to go up to the hotel but instead we chose to continue with our journey by going on foot. This was the case of the blind leading the blind. It was meant to be a morning walk for the next day but we had nothing much to do, so we shifted our morning walk to become evening walk. I saw the Thunder Point signage and we just marched along the sidewalk passing by big and beautiful houses, dreaming of owning one in future. 
The walk was terribly long. Anyway, when I studied the map, it wasn't suppose to be this way but instead of trusting Google, I decided to trust the road sign. In the end we had no regrets but it was such an uphill and downhill walk. When we finally reached Pickering Trail, we had no energy left.
I was immediately energized when I stepped onto the viewing platform. IT WAS JUST AWESOME LOOKING AT THOSE ROCK FORMATION. The cliff, no doubt unstable, as the warning sign was written, was just mesmerizing-ly beautiful. You will have to be there to absorb everything with your own eyes. I believe that my photos are not doing great justice to the place.
We walked from Pickering Trail up to Thunder Point and ended outside our hotel. We should have started from there but then we would have to use the same way back. Thus, I felt that even though I have started from Edward's Bridge on the other side and walked all the way passing through housing area, I have no regrets. I would not want to walk the same path twice. It would kill the joy and the excitement of exploring a place. The first time was always the best, the second time along the same path, you would start noticing the flaws and by the third time, the beauty wasn't there anymore.
Those two islands were meant to be for penguins. It's like a reserve for penguins to breed in Merri Island and Middle Island. I will tell you more about those two islands next. 
The travel buddy was hungry while mi madre and I were tired and sleepy. We went to Lady Bay Resort as the restaurant looked kinda classy and we just felt like spending some money. The Vietnamese spring roll was a disaster. Any Vietnamese would laugh out loud looking at the spring roll but on the other hand, the pork belly was perfectly done. 

Warm bubble bath to call it a day...

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