Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oz Day 4: Because of Mandochef by Tupperware...

~9th November 2015~
The hubby enjoys watching short videos of sorts while I don't enjoy watching or reading forwarded messages unless they were really interesting. Hubby was delighted with Mandochef by Tupperware. It wasn't in Malaysia yet at that point of time so I said I would Google and see whether I could get a hold of it in Melbourne. I searched and started sending e-mails but only one replied and I got what I wanted.
The only thing was getting to that place which was really out of the way. Don't mention about the conversion rate yet. I don't think I want to talk about the price. It only shows craziness to own something because he's my hubby but I ended up using it more often and him. In the end, both of us have no time to cook and mi madre has her own kitchen tools to play with.
We took two trains and two buses. It was actually wrong. There should only be one bus. We got down at the shopping mall and then we were suppose to walk but it looked like ridiculous to walk. I stopped one of the passers-by and she was really helpful. We walked back to the bus stop and another bus came up and after the driver dropped everybody else left with us and another passenger, the other passenger helped Google up the place so that the bus driver would know where to drop us.
The bus driver made a de-tour out of his route to show us where to take the bus back and so that we didn't have to walk a long distant, he dropped us at the nearest junction the bus would go. I was really touched by his kindness. A big whole bus doing all sorts of de-tour. I couldn't thank him enough and I thanked God for the favour and blessings poured on us.
We waited for the bus to get back to the train station. Before we got back, we decided to stop by and have brunch. Our breakfast was brought back by Mr. Ma, an assortment of handmade sushi. 
So, yeah... the Mandochef in my house cost more than what money can buy.

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