Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oz Day 3: Lebanese Sweets - Abla's Patisserie...

~8th November 2015~
The drive back to Melbourne from Warrnambool was a horrible one. I was driving behind an old car which was moving at tortoise pace. There was no way to overtake because I was one proper driver in a foreign land. I did not want the travel buddy to get a speeding ticket or reckless driving. I was jet lagged and between the blue sky and white clouds, I thought I saw the sea and waves. I tried to keep my eyes wide open but the more I see, I could only see raging sea. I couldn't go on like that but the travel buddy was snoring away next to me. It was just our third day and I didn't want to put all our lives in danger, so in the end I poked the snoring pig awake and told her I couldn't drive anymore. She would have to drive for another 3 hours and I could not help her navigate as well. I just wanted to sleep. I knocked off immediately we changed seats. 
When I woke up, the piggy was trying to look for this favourite new found love of hers. She loves very sweet stuff which I don't really fancy but since she insisted, I relented. I actually like those with groundnuts. I like everything with nuts but just not in cooking. Any nuts ON a cake, surrounding the cake or pounded in cookies were good but not swimming in a pot of soup!
And I love everything with chocolate~! Tried some on the spot and Pinky bought a box home so she could have them whenever she had craving for sugar.

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