Monday, January 09, 2017

Oz Day 2: Warrnambool Cheese and Butter...

~7th November 2015~
Finally, we arrived in Warrnambool and my first stop was the Cheese and Butter factory. I wanted to have a short tour of the factory but we ended up having no tour of such.
Instead, we were opposite the factory, in the shop selling all sort of cheese. I do like cheese but at that moment, I have nothing to go with the cheese. I just arrived and not going back yet and the cheese would suffocate and die a horrible death in the car.
The shop was selling lots of cute items with cows. I wanted to buy something but Pinky looked at the price and said we should look through Taobao when we go back to China. 
The highlight of being at the Cheese and Butter factory was the breakfast there. The sandwiches were delicious but I loved the salmon quiche the most. It was really good.
We hopped over to the museum where there was an exhibit on things which were used long time ago in the factory and the dormitory for the workers.

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