Monday, January 09, 2017

Oz Day 2: Exploring Warrnambool...

~7th November 2015~
It was a small, quiet town. Warrnambool is not listed as a touristy area. Good... keep it that way. We hopped into Woolworths to have a look. I'll happily do my grocery shopping everyday. But between Coles and Woolworths, I prefer Coles.... sorry Woolworths... I don't know why. It's like having Tesco and Giant here. I would rather choose Tesco over Giant, I also don't have any solid reasons to back my loyalty towards Tesco.
It's my first time seeing self-payment counters. I wonder why we don't have it in Malaysia. Then, Pinky and I discussed about it like it was some big issue. There's none in Walmart in China as well. Well, if there's such counters in Malaysia and China, both countries would produce Olympic sprinters better than Usain Bolt. Many would bolt out of the hypermarket together with the trolley just to escape payment. The guards will have a busy day chasing after people. There, that's the conclusion we came out with.
We drove to the hotel that I have booked through It's Quality Suites Deep Blue. I asked for beautiful view of the lake. Everything was all right with the room until I pulled the curtain shielding the balcony. What the heck~! Roof view of the next block~! I stormed downstairs and I asked the receptionist about the view I asked for. He asked whether I would like to upgrade to the top-most floor and the price to upgrade was enough for us to buy groceries for another few months. Oh, well... I'll settle without any view. Thanks Quality Suites Deep Blue... such a spoiler on my second day when I spent my first day flying and driving.
It's time to move on. The three of us, when we have our ass landed on a bed or cushion, it would take hours to peel us off. We drove around the town. Seriously, not really attracted to the place. A slow life, doesn't suit any of us.

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