Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd Day of Chinese New Year

I refused to get up at all until 10:30a.m. when my nephew entered my room and asked why was I so lazy to get up. I simply did not want to get up. I wanted to sleep away half of the day so that the 24 hours can get by fast. Time was crawling and I suspected the time didn't move a bit also. I looked at the clock and whenever I looked again, the time was still the same or I felt that it was the same. *Sigh* I got my butt moving and dragged my heavy feet to the bathroom.

Lunch was duck rice. Loving it! Crispy skin. Succulent and juicy meat. Tasty.
Went for a walk around the 'oh-so-dead' town. There was a Parkson there. Surprisingly, lots and lots of clothes. Got a blouse as my birthday present from mama. I have been eyeing on that blouse and now it was actually at 70% off.

By now, I was totally bored. Bored until there was no words to describe how bored I was. I wanted to watch 'The Gem of Life'... no.. not on AOD but on dvds. I was not up for all these drama series so I ended up in front of the computer again. Doing practically nothing yet I felt that I had done something. There were a number of messages that I needed to attend to.

Dinner at youngest aunt's house. Hahahaa.... mouth-watering, better than satay Kajang. I only ate that plus cousin-in-law's yam rice... both also yummy-licious!! 'Tua Pek' ....we can be eating buddies since my favourite food is also your favourite food! Both of us ate at least 50 sticks of satay per person... whoops!
Tried a sip of Japanese 'sake' brought by cousin-in-law.
My reaction... the taste was bitter and horrible with heat like volcano... I will never touch that again! Nice try!
Youngest uncle was sort of drunk, I guess... with the whisky and Carlsberg. He was cam-whoring on my camera... will put all those pics on facebook.

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