Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 25th Birthday on 27th of January

I would like to thank those who are with me on my special day. I have lived a quarter of a century and there's still lots more to learn in the long journey of life. Without any of you, I wouldn't have the chance to celebrate my special day with so much joy that was incomprehensible.
For those who remembered my birthday, thanks for the birthday wishes. I would like to thank everyone... no need to list the names ya.. too long.. will end up a few pages. I was only upset that my best friend did not remember my birthday even though we chatted for some time in the morning. *weak smile* It's a small matter.. you're still my best friend. Yah... you down there... looking so fierce... how could remember yet forget my birthday... I'm so sad... :( *Just kidding* Chatting with you everyday makes my day a happy one... Cheers, pal!! You're the best!
My father has never bought a piece of cake for any of our birthdays. I can consider myself really really blessed as he bought not only a piece, but 12 pieces from Secret Recipe to make it a whole. It was expensive and I really appreciated it.
Look how the 'vultures' attacked my cakes...
This was how my cakes looked like after 15 minutes...
Thanks for being there for me! It was the most wonderful birthday I've ever had!!! God bless everyone!

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