Thursday, January 01, 2009

My First Day of 2009

I woke up without the alarm clock. Slept until 10:30a.m. something like that. Then, straight away switched on the computer. Hmm.. got my early morning fix of JL designer drug before I even brush my teeth. *Sigh* How do I shake off that addiction when it's so hard. It will be an uphill climb, a 90 degrees climb with no where to hold or hang myself. Rock climbing no that difficult, I guess.

Then, quickly get ready and rushed off to Gurney Plaza to catch a movie at 12:20p.m.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. Lazy to write the synopsis. Go watch on your own so that Disney can earn more money. Had lunch at A&W. I was looking forward to go canoeing with Judith until I saw this at 4p.m.

The sea was choppy. The wind was strong. It was a high tide and I WAS AND I AM UPSET!! I have been looking forward to go canoeing for a few weeks. I want to go... I really want to go... I seriously want to go.... *sobbing uncontrollably* I will have to wait for a very very long time before I can go... *hiccup*

Drove home. Don't feel like doing a movie marathon anymore. Reached home. Wanted to watch my tonnes and tonnes of DVD. Half an hour into watching Astro, I slept. Woke up around 7p.m. watched Astro again.


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Anonymous said...

wat a day... u'd be much happier coming over for water balloon and water gun fight wif kids n teenagers....wif abundant showers n strong wind to add to the war of the doc's pool :)