Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Eve of Chinese New Year Eve

I simply can't deny that I'm one blessed girl. I declared my own holidays for one week. It starts today (Saturday, 24th of January 2009).

I had a pre-birthday celebration as I will not be around in Penang on the day itself. I love the attention that I'm showered with. Lunch is superb... I'm not talking about the food. I'm talking about the person I'm with. It is better to be loved and pampered than to love someone who's not even bothered about you.
Then, we went for a movie. It was a story of make-belief but it was very very interesting.
We spent 7 long hours in Queensbay. I was given an early birthday present, too. A beautiful, white, lovely and lacy elegant dress from Elmstrends Boutique. The dress definitely cost a bomb or should I say, a hand and a leg. I love it very much.
Thanks for getting it for me. Very very much appreciated. I love you! I am sorry if I've upset you a lot in the past. I will learn to appreciate everyone that's in my circle.

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