Monday, January 19, 2009

A Weekend Well Spent..

Yippee!! I got the chilli red pants I've been looking for. Then bought myself a new pair of jeans. That was on Saturday *cross my fingers* I'm not going to shop anymore. Hahahaha.... Sunday...I bought another pair of white pants. Then, two pairs of white heels. And...and... a new Kodak digital camera, latest model... extremely cheap RM369 only. My extra slim digital camera masuk kubur already. LCD screen spoil if repair will be costly must well get a new one.

Went to Tesco Extra to get groceries. Parked the car... then saw something shocking... a man came down from a motorbike, went to a car with the front passenger side window down, half of his body went through the wide open window, grabbed the lady's handbag and then hopped onto the motorbike and sped off... It took less than 30 seconds. This was the third time already. Reminder to myself... not going to carry a handbag.. just stuff everything into the jeans pocket... if the guys can go out without a bag, why should girls carry such a heavy handbag? Stupid skirts... no pockets. Then again, if skirts got pockets then it will slide down to the floor after a few steps of walking or worse, it will tear. Come on... think.. think of a way where I do not have to carry a bag out. My wallet can't even fit into the pocket. How to stuff three handphones into the pocket? Easier.. no need to go out. Stay at home. That's the safest unless it's time to die then even the roof will cave in or the ceiling fan will just drop on you or the tv or computer will explode in front of your face.

I'm looking forward for Chinese New Year and my birthday! I wonder how much will my red packets shrink... but I'll have a great week... SEVEN DAYS OF HOLIDAYS and EATING non-stop. Got my 2 kg of prawns from Teluk Kumbar, ordered directly from the famous prawn-catcher. Big ma bout 3 kg of reared prawns... not as tasty though... I can definitely survive with so much prawns. Steamboat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hopefully I don't have to crash into Old Town this year to have supper. Hahaha.... it was fun though to crash into a restaurant... demanding for food! I should try going to the banks and demand for money... eh.. that will be robbing the bank in the broad long will I be jailed huh?

Prayerfully all plans will fall into place. Sis and HB, both of you will miss all the fun this year... and we will miss having both of you around. I'll be so 'lonely' even though I'll be surrounded by the huge crowd of family members... too many relatives. Mostly, I don't know how to call them... just call as soft as possible since they don't pay much attention. I just want the 'ang pow' then I'll make myself disappear among the sea of relatives.

*Screaming out of frustration* I won't be able to get my JL drug fix for another whole week until I come back... *sobbing* Crying crocodile tears... hahaha. I LOVE YOU and I'm gonna MISS YOU A LOT!

Penang is ranked the 2nd a must-visit place. I've been staying in Penang for about a quarter century and I'm complaining there's nothing o'er here. Just shopping, shopping and shopping. There's no Disneyland, no water theme park, no Legoland, no ice-skating rink anymore, no Snowhouse. Char koay teow is the best selling hawker food... and yet I detest it! I won't even eat it if there's no other choices. Yikes... I complain too much.. should learn to be contented with life. Penang is indeed a peaceful place. Can find anything in one small little island unlike Langkawi. Still remembered how I drove around and ended up in the supermarket just to buy drinking water.. the hotels don't want to supply me with drinking water. Drink their water I'll be penniless... so expensive! Nothing to eat in Langkawi...

Signing off now... going to work out in gym.

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