Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing Groceries..

Seafood... a must have. Prawns, fish and squid. Saw this huge fish just about to swallow its meal when it got caught by the fisherman. Can buy 2 in 1...
The ugly side of shoppers... choose and choose and choose... choose until the prawns ended up on the floor...
What a waste. Buy ngaku also peel the tail off. Buy chicken also tear off the skin then what, it'll weigh a few grammes lower? D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!! Some lagi hebat... left the prawns on the canned food shelf. Don't want to buy then put back lar...

Chicken... also my favourite.
Vege... force to coz' mom wants to eat vege thus, I have to cook vege and have to swallow it.

Imagine me at the wet market... you'll never see me in any of the wet markets in Penang. It's too dirty, too smelly and I have no idea how they weigh their items. Use gram and kilogram lar... I cannot understand kati and ounce. Remembered trying to buy pork once, the aunty asked me which part of the pig... I only know the head and the tail, the rest... it was history. I never buy pork anymore and I don't eat pork except for the 'bak uan' and 'bak kua'
Buy within my budget. RM100 for the whole week... yippee!! For once I can control my expenditure.. but how long will it last, huh?

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