Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve

Stretched and rolled on the bed as usual. Crawled to the computer at the end of the bed. Switched it on. Loaded all the photos into the pc in order to clear the memory card of any photos. Started packing my bag. I planned to carry a small bag for a 6-day and 5 nights stay over in dad's place. From a simple bag, ended up I'm dragging two bags along. Just too many clothes to bring. Felt like bringing the two wardrobes with me coz' I won't know what I'm going to wear until the day itself. Rolled all the clothes to save more space.

Left Penang with a heavy heart. I have the art of consoling myself. Drove to SP with a smile.
No, it's not a fake smile. I don't fake my smiles. If I'm unhappy, I will definitely show it. It's a happy smile as I am looking forward to an enjoyable week-long holidays in another state. Reached SP around 3p.m. An Internet addict myself, I was happy that the Internet connection was working in tip-top condition. Last year, the cables were stolen. JL dropped a msg asking me not to miss him.. can be done with a lot of will-power. *put that aside*

Went to get my lovely niece and nephew CNY clothes. Really last minute shopping.

My lovely prince...
Ahaks!! He was given a stern warning by his class teacher for kissing a girl in school... woots!! You're great! I love you, handsome prince! He's only seven, yet he has attracted sssoooo many girls... two thumbs up for you!

My lovely princess...
My princess!! EXACTLY like me. My mirror image. Have the same choice of food like I do. My princess chooses her own clothes and she's only three! Same style as what I love to wear. Talk nonstop but keep quiet when there are strangers around... I used to be like that when I was small. Hey, darling.. you'll break out of that... you'll be so talkative - you're blessed with the give of the gap.. hahahaha!! Well... we're both selfish. We don't share... not a good thing but it's inborn. How I wish you're my daughter. How are we so alike yet you're only my niece. * I wonder will my own daughter be exactly like me?*

Reunion dinner. Steamboat in a traditional way using charcoal. I just need my extra large prawns and meatballs. The rest, I can do without. The table can't fit everyone.
Three persons were missing in action but I don't have my second brother's handsome photo to put here. I wished they were around.
The more, the merrier. I still feel lonely surrounded by the many people. Not used to not having sis around. I still remembered how I hid behind her shadow whenever I'm back here. Now, I'm standing on my two feet. So, I did something different. I want to be different. I don't want to be like everyone else. I want to be special.

CAMERA! No one has done it. I don't see any camera around during family reunions or gatherings. Let's do it a different way this year. START SNAPPING! It's something to be remembered. Capture every moment. Look at the facial expressions. A picture tells a thousand words.
I ate a lot. Sad to say, by the time I was to climb onto the bed, I was extremely hungry.
All those were the prawn shells. It was more than a kilo and I only ate prawns and meatballs plus some fishballs. I'm a big eater then. All of them ate so little yet, they were so full. I am from PENANG, the food haven, remember? No crashing into Old Town Restaurant this year.
In half an hours time, my sis-in-law asked me to get ready... Where to? Oh, my!! I can't believe I was so daring to crash into an Indian couple's wedding... hahhaaha... and ate again! But, can't eat much coz I can hardly move. Since I already crashed into the wedding, must well take a remembrance..
Congratulations!! Sorry, I don't know who you are. Nice mutton curry... should have leave some space for my stomach for those delicious and thick curry... love the mutton!

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