Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dresses and shopping...

I love dresses. Love them very much. MNA is still the best choice for beautiful dresses. Love every single one on the rack. Thank God they have my size or else I will go crazy. My shopping plan - shop two months once. So, January already shopped for Chinese New Year. February stopped the cash from flowing out. March 1st cannot wait any longer. Then MNA got 70% discount and ALL dresses in my size! I bought only 2 out of the 9 that I tried on coz' mom was staring dagger at me.
Sales again! Yippee... this one on the 7th of February. I 'ponteng' church and ended there. Searched through the pile of clothes. Bought 11 pieces of clothes for only RM112. Cheap leh... I am happy with all those clothes but then... *sigh*

Mom: You need so many for what? Keep until next year? Few years back punya baju you bought also never wear yet... the cupboard still got place to put?

Frankly speaking, the cupboard has exploded. If I pull anything from the bottom, all the new clothes that I stash into the cupboard will come crashing down and I'll be drowned by the clothes. So, I'm looking for a day when I'm free for the whole day to clear the wardrobe. All clothes will be hung on hangers coz' if I fold them, then I won't wear the one at the bottom. Sad to say, got hangers but no more space. Already using two wardrobes.

Big ma called. Asked what have I been up to. Told her I went shopping coz' got sales.

Big ma: You bought so many clothes for what? Keep until next year? Got place to keep or not?

Both mothers sing the same tune... or all mothers also like that?

Sunday went to Queensbay. Tried my best not to spend any money but then in the end I told myself... "Once in awhile only... not always like this".

Pierre Cardin undergarments... not expensive, quality not that good... I still prefer my choice of bra... TRIUMPH and also Sloggi...

The best brand ever. Sloggi is the sister company of Triumph. It may be costly but the price is lower than Valisere. Ya...yaa.. now I know I'm over-spending. The cheapest for Sloggi is RM89 while the most reasonable priced bra from Triumph is RM 129. Bought 3.. surprisingly mom didn't say anything... and I wonder why. Must be don't have the strength to say anymore :)

Entered the car and then totally different story. "You should budget yourself. Not always buy what you want. The things that you already have and you think you won't die without having them, then no need to buy. Must spend wisely...." I don't have to listen coz' I already know...

ARGH! Ok, fine! I shall lock myself in the room during weekends. Finish work then rush home then sleep. I shall wait until September only then I shop again.

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