Thursday, March 26, 2009

Japanese Cuisine in Queensbay

Yeah.. that's the one. We were walking around Queensbay searching for food. There was nothing special except this which was opened a few months back. Usually Japanese food will be pricey but not this one. I've tried a number of Japanese restaurants, from Obake-Ya to Jurin to Sakae Sushi and a few more which I couldn't remember the names. This one gets my FULL support.

It took us some time to decide what to eat. Yeah... I always take a long, extremely long time to decide what to eat. Bad habit. I always have the thought, "Hey, I can cook this easily. Why do I need to pay so much for the dish?" Then, my brain will automatically start calculating the cost of raw materials and always, without fail, food industry brings a 250% profit.
Have to change the way I think. Think about enjoying food other people cook, the different environment and the fact that I'm not the one paying for the food :D
Let's see what will fill up my empty plate...
and my rumbling stomach...
* marinated baby octopus - and yes, that's my favourite*
* Steamed chicken roll garnished with Shisho leaves, salmon mayo maki with grilled cheese*
The chicken tasted fantastic and Japanese soy sauce is denitely different from ours
* Creamy butterfish sashimi marinated in shoyu sauce*
Sashimi - of course raw but butterfish can't compare to salmon
*Baked fresh oyster covered with cheese*
*I don't eat beef but this is superb. The best fried rice I've ever eaten*
Either the table was too small or we ordered to many dishes. It was very tasty, I think I polished the plates and bowls with my tongue.
Do I look like a VIP? The manager, waiters and waitresses came up to us and kept asking me questions...
  • How was the food?
  • What do you think about the price?
  • What is your opinion about this place?
  • If you compare with other Japanese restaurants, how will you grade ours?
  • Do you like our service here?

And, finally, the manager said, "The boss is here. Would you like to meet her?" I must have really looked like a VIP. Took a photo with the boss... she's a Sabahan...

Then, chit chat for awhile. Went back to our table and SURPRISE~



The boss quickly asked the cashier to issue me a...

Very very good PR. It's rare to get this kinda treatment. Btw, I'm only a normal person. You've captured my heart... therefore, your business shall always be at the top. I'll bring customers to your place... and that's for sure!

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