Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Balik Kampung Trip...

The main reason I went back to SP was because it was big ma's birthday. First time celebrating birthday with her... but I still don't know how old is she. Dare not ask...but had a wonderful time together.Big ma is a thrifty person. I wanted to give the whole family a treat to dine in any restaurant but she refused to let me spend that kinda money. I didn't want her to cook on her birthday but she insisted that she didn't want eldest bro to book a place in restaurant, reason being eating at home is easier. Save time, save money and save petrol and get to do as we like.
Yummy... slurp! Slurp! Big ma's curry fish, omelette, wild boar meat and mom bought ayam percik from Ayamas and got fried vege. All also delicious! Then, had my favourite lychee with sea coconut and longan. Bought during Chinese New Year but that time everyone was too busy eating other food stuff so big ma kept this for me. Sounded more like my birthday than hers :D

Before dinner, eldest sis came back from the sawmill. I walked into the house and got a shock of my life... Sis arr... in your 30s liao some more so yeng..

My students also dare not keep that kinda hairstyle. Then, after that she showed me something.. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! So P-A-I-N-F-U-L!
The black black part will drop off after some time. The thumb was eaten by this..

Accident at work. Her hand was too near and the machine pulled her glove along with her fingers, of course. Thank God only the thumb became the victim. Bro rushed her to the nearest private hospital, Strenn Specialist Centre (lousy hospital). Doctors were having lunch, then a few other doctors came over to see her but shook their hands and said have to wait for the senior specialist coz' they had no idea how to deal with her minced and neatly chopped thumb. Then, nurses came over in pretense of checking on her but actually wanted to see her minced thumb. Never see before mah...*jakun* But if me, I sure snap photos and then wait until she's better, I surely kena belasah teruk-teruk. Waited for 4 hours before she was sent to the surgical theatre. The doc thought can sew and patch up everything, but in the end... like that lor... black black. Sis said her thumb felt like being electrocuted... that's why her hair became like that.. punk style. Yeng leh my sis!

After dinner, followed bro to the sawmill. He had a little bit of work to be done. So, I just tagged along.

He had to put the wood into the big huge tunnel machine to clean the wood so that they would not be infested by termites. I last sat on a forklift when I was eight. Each and everyone of us had work in the sawmill before when we were only 5 or 6. Child labour, huh! But, it was fun.

Snap a few more photos before going home. My precious prince and princess...

See ya' next month. I'll try my best to go back once a month... lazy to drive so far..

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