Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorry No Pics

For your eyes only...

My card reader can't fit in my mini SD card. The other card reader is not with me at the moment, which I didn't realise until now when I want to upload my photos to blog. Half of the photos already uploaded but the story will be weird if I write the later half yet the beginning half can't be written.

Btw, I'm not in the mood to write anything nice today. I guess I won't be online coz I'll be quite busy. Even if I'm online, I think I'll be lashing out at you for no particular reason. And in the end I'll end up in one of your posts.


lx ting said...

haiyoooo...cool dwn gal..if u eva 1 2 tok bout it, let me noe ya..n pls no lashing..if u do, i wun make u look good in melly posts..

seahorse27 said...

Never mind... can be the watak utama in your blog also good.. better than not holding any role :)