Thursday, March 05, 2009

Off To The Wet Market..

I went to a few wet markets in fact. Batu Lanchang Wet Market has everything under one roof. Found the lamb and mutton that I was searching for. Not that expensive. De-boned. Well done!
Those were the legs hanging and the ribs on the chopping board. The butcher was kind enough to cut them into thin slices as I have requested. That's the joy of coming to the wet market. Everything was done without having to pay extra. Appreciate the service! I don't even have to lift a finger to carry anything back to the car. They even asked their workers to carry for me. Thanks, ya!
Those were lamb imported from Australia. The price was a little bit more expensive. Frozen. A lot of fat. By the time remove all the fat, not much meat left.

First time I made a dish using mutton. Tasted exactly like the one in Bayview Hotel. Viola! I can be a chef! Just need to marinade with my secret concoction and make sure the mutton is tender enough... lip-smacking. Simply delicious!


lx ting said...

i oso luv d wet market...told u liao..feels like home dere..haha

seahorse27 said...

Next time we go wet market together. We will be the youngest and the most charming aunties... hahaha!!

lx ting said...

i dowan 2 b stil a young lady..haha