Monday, March 23, 2009

At The Vegetable Farm...

That was not in Cameron Highlands. Went back to dad's house on Saturday, 14th of March. Just a short trip and of all things I forgot to bring my camera so had to use the PDA. I didn't want to just sit at home, so went for a walk in the vege farm opposite the house. Before that piece of land became a vege farm, it was just an empty piece of land left unattended by the developer. Thus, dad put that piece of land to good use and also to earn some extra pocket money. At least the land was kept fertile. Dad has green fingers - I wonder whether I have green fingers or not as I have never tried planting anything. I'm just not that into plants. Tell me the names of plants, it will just go into the ears and then vanished to I-don't-know-where.
The moment I stepped into the place, *sigh* my big fan greeted me - the MOSQUITOES! Can't they just leave me in peace for once? Why didn't the mosquitoes just suck someone else's blood instead of mine? Acidic blood I have.
My favourite princess tagged along and my mom became the proud grandmother, holding her little hand.
She loves to wear dresses - just like me. So like me. I want my daughter to be exactly like me minus the bad temper.. if I ever have one. *think too far already* Tour around the vege farm. Dad told me the name of the vegetables but sadly I recognized only a few which I usually consume. Some pictures here to describe the vege in the farm... I have no idea how to describe vegetables unless I just use the phrase 'green leaves with stems and roots'.

Rested for awhile before going back to the house. Snap a few photos to be kept as sweet memories. This year is a great year as it is the first time in my life I have family photographs... lots of them in fact. Even though dad and I hardly speak to each other due to language barrier, but he's sporting enough to join in whatever crazy ideas that I have.
I have a big yet small family. Indescribable yet fantastic and unique in its own way. Special. I have no regrets growing up in this special environment and I consider myself blessed in many different ways no one has ever experience.
The queen and the little princess... no wonder people always think we're Japanese.
The Japanese girls who speak no Japanese, hear no Japanese but love Japanese food.

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