Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Nest... My Mess...

When I'm busy... everything is strewn everywhere. One wrong move, you'll hear a cracking sound. I crushed my Elle spectacles * Elle spectacles was swallowed by crocodile in Langkawi*, I can't remember which spectacles - into two before. The one I'm wearing now is the 7th spectacles, Koali.. kinda branded and I wonder how long will it last. I stepped on my big alarm clock but still can use. Only the screen broken, but still ticking away. Thus, can't throw into the dustbin.

I wonder how am I going to sleep with all these things.. not rubbish. It's my work, my huggables which I can't sleep without, my clothes and my pillows and I have more than 5 pillows. I am seriously NOT going to spend my whole night clearing up that mess. I'm so smart... push everything down to the floor... tomorrow baru settle. Tomorrow never come. I'm a procrastinator... for those who know me well. A last minute person... no last minute, no kick. I wish I can have this..
It's white in colour. I think I will turn it into black colour in less than a month... muahahahaha!

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lx ting said...

2 dia....macam la ada tornado tat jz passed by ur room...tsk tsk tsk...*pinch nose*