Monday, September 14, 2009

Rearing Swiftlets...

Grandma's old house has been put to good use. Rearing swiftlets. It's not easy to let the swiftlets stay but once they start to make their nests in the house, they will surely stay for good. In order to attract the swiftlets, the sound made by swiftlets are being played over the loudspeaker. Irritating... no wonder ppl complain. But grandma's house is standing on its own, not in shoplots like other places.
Ahha! That first window on the left... I used to sleep in that room. The one in the middle and the last were connecting rooms.... brothers' room shared with another cousin. It was one big huge bungalow where the kitchen area was twice the living room and to walk up and down from the living room to the kitchen was like jogging in the house.

During Chinese New Year, we had our reunion dinner in the house. We can put more than 20 tables in the house.... then squeeze and put in more tables. Then extend to the office next door. If outdoor we can put even more.

What a waste... that land can build more than 20 bungalows... I wonder what I will do if I have such a big piece of land. Build my empire?

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