Monday, March 15, 2010

First Outing... Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall... the longest in Penang but she found NO clothes of her liking. Well, actually I don't shop that much in Queensbay as I hardly find anything that I like there. Her favourite, Japanese food...
After spending at least two weeks with her in Melbourne and now a week here in Penang, I've tasted so much of raw food. For a person who doesn't eat beef, now I'm eating raw beef but sadly, I can't find it here locally unless I get myself Kobe beef which costs RM180 for 100g. That dish above is raw butterfish...
and we had raw tuna with seaweed or something... can't really remember...She has a strong liking for brinjal which I hate... I hate vegetables! She gets to enjoy the whole plate.Cold noodles... I love the chicken pieces... so nice... Pinky doesn't like to eat chicken meat. Dining with her, we can clean the whole plate empty. She eats up all the vege, I finish up whatever chicken pieces that she doesn't eat. Those clams were not that nice but... this one... wow! *salivating all over the keyboard now*
Heavenly~! RM25 for one... well... for something which I like so much, I'm not bothered with the price. In conclusion, I don't think I will go to Azuma anymore. Now, I prefer Sakae Sushi.
Promoting Dorayaki... Doraemon's favourite. She has never tasted kaya before and I have no idea how to explain what is kaya. Chocolate and red bean... hhmmm.... not bad. My favourite.. CHOCOLATE! But the one below is red bean... Keropok lekor... aiyo... so hard, how to eat... I also cannot bite...
Movie... We were kinda blur when the movie started as it was a 'quiet' movie. The ending ain't that bad. It was all because of a Bible... the King James Version... :)

Movies in Penang are not expensive. RM7 on weekdays. RM6 on Wednesdays. RM10 during weekends and public holidays still consider cheap. Movies in Australia cost AUD10.50 on Tuesdays. Other days will be around AUD14 - 20 depending on the popularity of the movies. Movies in China cost RMB80 = RM40 per person. That's freakingly expensive.

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