Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh... Hhhmmm...

After browsing through my photo albums, I realized that I have so many things to blog about. Mainly I have not blog 'bout my trip to Melbourne and Malacca... back-packing style.. and I lurve it~!My travel buddy, Pinky~! We're great moving around with or without map. Good sense of direction. Savvy mind when come to transportation. We're good planners even if it's just last minute plan, we still managed to come out with a terrific plan where we spent every minute doing something fun, not missing the places to visit, things to eat and photos to capture. Finally, the best part is we always have things to talk about and laugh about. Good sense of humour. I'm glad I met her in Melbourne. All in all, we've only seen each other for 3 weeks yet, we know that our travel plans will be carried out by hook or by crook. We hardly chat due to my odd working hours and the time difference.

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