Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Flipping the Pages and Weaving Colours on Cloth...

I have found so much pleasure in reading. It will take you to another world of your own. The thicker the book, the better I like it. There are a few books where the writers' way of writing, do not go along with my flow of reading, thus, I'm still stuck with those books after reading for more than a year. I like the smell of printed papers. Like the words printed on them. Love them to bits. I love to write, too. The television in my room, has been sitting quietly for more than two months. I'm only using it to play video games.
Stitching. I love colours. Bright colours. Colours that make you smile and cheer your spirit. I like to see my hands working on the empty cloth. It's challenging to the eyes. The more you squint to count the boxes, you'll find yourself counting over and over again. Relax your eyes, you will find that you do not have to count anything as you'll be stitching naturally. The end result is always something mesmerizing. I'm just wondering how come I do not have the talent to sew beautiful lacy and embroidered dresses for myself. Heck, I can't even sew a t-shirt for myself.

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