Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Commit to the Lord...[110]

Guidance and success are two major ingredients in the Christian life and the Scriptures highlight theses areas many times. Every sincere and keen Christian wants his plans to be established and succeed God's way. However to know this result we must look at the prior conditions and process.

  1. We must first place and roll our total life and activities into the Lord's hands.
  2. We must make it a total 100% handover as we 'trust them wholly to Him'.

When these conditions are met, three significant things happen:

  1. God 'causes out thoughts to become agreeable to His will'
  2. Our plans and relationships and activities become established (settled, firm and strong)
  3. Our life in every area succeeds the way God wants it to.

"Man, with God's help and personal dedication, is capable of anything he can dream" - Conrad Hilton

Let us allow God, each day, to cause our thoughts to become agreeable to His will, so that our plans will be established and successful in His eyes.

~ Attempt great things for God and expect great things from God ~

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